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Sharon Rouco

The Daily Spiritual Feed is a devotional dedicated to help support and guide your Body, Mind and Spirit on a daily spiritual path while on a physical journey here on earth.  


You are a Spiritual being having a human being experience.  Your soul is who you are as a physical being. Your Spirit is who you are as a spiritual being.


Here you will find spiritual content that focuses on developing your spiritual life to help feed your soul.



The Daily Spiritual Feed will provide information and recipes to help maintain a healthy lifestyle which is essential for spiritual growth and development.

​Your body is a temple where God dwells so it is important to keep your body clean and pure for it is the only vessel and way for God's will to be done here on earth (physical) as it is in heaven (spiritual) .


The Daily Spiritual Feed will provide a spiritual quote or verse of the day to meditate on throughout the day.  Studies have shown that  your thoughts and intentions can create and manifest anything you want.  I just gave away the secret of the universe.

This is why it is important to keep a mental picture of positive thoughts and words.  Keep in mind only what you want and desire in this world and see it manifest in your life.  

I dedicate this blog to every child that has been abused, every woman that has been raped and every soul that has suffered pain.  

Spiritual Feed