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Who Am I?
I am a spiritual being having a human (physical) experience.


Why I am here?
I am here to help guide others on their spiritual journey to a path of oneness with God while supporting and healing survivors of human trafficking, child abuse and victims of rape!

Where Am I Going?
​I never know where I am going physically but I do know exactly where I am going spiritually! I walk in Spirit not by flesh.

about me

My spiritual journey began in 2010 awakened in search of discovering Who AM I and Why AM I Here. For several years, I immersed myself in old literature and spiritual books including the Bible gaining great wisdom and knowledge about religions and human history.  However, I quickly realized that the greatest Truth can only be found in God!


During my journey, I discovered truth that brought me to my knees but also truth that forced me to help change the world.   I became greatly involved in volunteer work and church ministry all around the world.  During this time I received skilled training and education needed to continue to fulfill my purpose for God's glory.


​Through my experiences I learned to help guide others to discovering their purpose here on earth while achieving a divine transformation .  My teachings has given me the ability to help others on their own path with God. 


My mission is to help  guide you on your journey to discovering your purpose here while achieving a divine transformation through the Spirit of God.  

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