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How may I serve you?

Vegan/Vegetarian Specialist

Being a vegan and vegetarian specialist allows me to utilize my experience and knowledge to help others on a path to a balanced life.   I am not here to convert you. I'm here to educate you on nutritional information and knowledge on how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


I have been a vegetarian, now vegan, since July 3, 1987, not for religious reasons, but for a healthy life, spiritual development and for the protection of the planet and everything on it!

Certified Christian Coach

A Christian Coach is one who will guide you on your spiritual path through biblical principles and practices.

A Christian coach gives you the tools needed to help you walk in Spirit  and not in flesh following the footsteps of Jesus while becoming one with God. 


Spiritual Advisor

​A spiritual advisor is one who refers to matters of the Spirit rather than materialistic or worldly matters. It is someone that will help you on your path to enlightenment with reaching a higher level of consciousness and oneness with God.

A spiritual advisor will assist you in discovering the process of spirituality and provide guidance in one’s spiritual journey.  

​As your Spiritual Advisor, I differ from others because I know everyone is on a spiritual path but taking a different journey. So my techniques are specially formulated for your specific needs to spiritually develop and grow. 

“We are all on a spiritual path taking a different journey hoping for the same ending; that ending  being one with God forever and ever more!” - Sharon Rouco

Spiritual Healer

A Spiritual Healer uses natural energy therapy  rather than conventional medicine by treating the whole person - body, mind, and spirit!

Healers use a conduit for healing energy through the Holy Spirit of God. These energies can benefit one on many levels, such as health and physical levels.

Many tend to shy away from healers thinking it is a taboo or associated with black magic. However, some of the greatest healers in the world displayed their miracles in front of huge crowds to prove the power of healings and miracles.  

An example would be Jesus healing the blind and  the crippled or when He brought the dead to life when Lazarus had died.  Yes, we can all admit we are not Jesus but we cannot deny  the access to our supernatural power through the Spirit of God.  

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